As reported by a 2014 questionnaire, 84% of the millennial participants pointed out they don’t like advertisements. But with SEO, businesses can reach out to this group due to the fact that search engine optimization (SEO) serves as a kind of inbound marketing that attracts users to you rather than interrupting their natural scrolling with pushy sales methods. It’s common for company owner to question whether strategies like SEO continue to achieve business objectives. The truth is that SEO still matters this year, though a number of the practices and techniques have transformed. For instance, Google’s 2019 BERT update lit a fire under online marketing specialists to concentrate much more on optimizing content based on search intent instead of keywords. Thomas Foo from mentioned that with local SEO, you can connect with future buyers by aiming at users that are browsing in your local area. Google tailors the search results to your geographic place, thus, if optimized professionally, your website can dominate the regional search engine result for your market. While certain conventional marketing strategies probably be becoming a waste of money, SEO is here to stay. Whether you spent for SEO early or are simply starting, it can still be a significant source of visitor traffic. SEO is notably effective for locally centered firms. By hiring the right SEO company in Malaysia, you can expand your reach and enhance your brand’s awareness online.