How To Add Business

Guide to add business step by step

Step 1


#1 Click on the add business at home page top right Add Business.

Step 2


#1 Enter your Business or Company name.

#2 Enter your business tag line.

#3 Enter Google location (if place available in Google)

#4 Enter your business or company City. (IMPORTANT! This is for Search)

#5 Enter your Business or Company phone/contact number.

#6 WhatsApp – Please enter 60 follow by your number. eg 60123456789

#7 Enter your Business or Company website.

P.S. If Google Location does not have your place, you can add manual and drop pin. See picture as below.

guide location

Guide For Manual Address / Map Pin

#1 Enter your Business or  Company address manually.

#2 Popup Google Map, drag the pin to your place.

#3 Enter location map Latitude and Longitude. If you not sure just follow #2 guide, select drop pin, it will automatic input for you.

Step 3


#1 Add your business category, can select multiple categories. (IMPORTANT! This is for Search)

#2 Mention your price expenses from your business, can tell people about price range.

#3 Opening and closing time. Default time can be edit, more days can be added. 24 hours open just check the box “24 Hours”.

Step 4


#1 Social media URL, let people know your official social media account.

#2 FAQ – Frequent ask question. You can add more, click at the “+” button.

#3 Description about your business, products or services.

#4 Tags & keywords let your business more easy to get search.

Step 5

Guide 5

#1 Business video, recommend using YouTube.

#2 Business, product, services photo, support drag & drop.

#3 Feature image is displaying at the search archive, side bar.

#4 If you don’t have an account, just enter you register email & user name to login, your password will send to your register email.

#5 Business Field Malaysia Privacy & Terms. Read & check before submit.

#6 Google reCAPTCHA security.

#7 Submit & preview your business, our team will take sometimes to check and approved.